Mitchell and Me
and the Secret Key

Mitchell and Me
and the Secret Key

List Price: $9.99
8.5" x 8.5" (21.59 x 21.59 cm) 
Full Color Bleed on White paper
42 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1540389459 (CreateSpace-Assigned) 
ISBN-10: 1540389456 
LCCN: 2016919267 
BISAC: Juvenile Fiction / Imagination & Play

When Mitchell's mother finds her boys playing video games on a beautiful summer day, she takes them on a road trip to teach them the importance of using their imagination and playing outdoors. First, she takes them to see their lazy, couch-potato Uncle Vern and then, in contrast, she brings them to their Grandpa Scott who is very active. Grandpa explains to the boys that the secret key to staying healthy in one's senior years to get up off their seats and move around while they are young. When they return home, the boys play in the backyard, pretending that they are the characters from their video game. 
The story addresses how the overuse of electronic devices such as computer tablets, phones, and video games can sometimes stunt the development of some other important skills such as social interaction and the ability to use one's imagination and it encourages children to stay physically active whenever possible by playing outdoors.

Praise for Mitchell and Me and the Secret Key

"Olivia got a new book that she absolutely LOVES! It's called "Mitchell and Me and The Secret Key".
We're all guilty of burying our faces in our electronic devices -- this book shows kids that using one's imagination and enjoying the great big world is far more rewarding than zoning out with tv or video games. The vivid story and whimsical illustrations kept Olivia engaged from beginning to end!
This book would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the littles in your life!!"

- Crystal, Rad Mom in Washington

"This is an excellent book that teaches kids through play how being active and taking time away from video games and screens is still lots and lots of fun!  I absolutely love the rhyming in it. It makes it a super fun read and something kids would definitely enjoy hearing again and again. The artwork too is SO adorable and well done! I love the cute style the illustrator Elie Galih uses. You can pick your own copy up for just $10! I definitely recommend it, and so does Xander. "
- Jeanette, Groovy Mom in New Mexico