Who's this Miah Guy

Hi everyone! Here's some Miah fun facts!

-- I was born in Hastings, Nebraska on November 23rd, 1980.

-- From the age of 2, I would draw squiggly lines on paper and tell my mother it was a story.

-- In grade school, I wrote stories, stapled the papers together, and drew covers on them so that I could sell them to my classmates for a quarter. 
-- I wrote stories for my high school newspaper where I would include random classmates as characters.

-- I graduated from Columbus High School in 1999.

-- Ten years later I received a degree for Screenwriting from Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

I have two daughters, a teenager named Lilli and a toddler named Tesla (after the scientist).

-- I've written and directed a handful of films.

-- I used to run a daycare out of my home where I would take care of kids of various ages.
-- I come from a family of tattoo artists. My younger brother apprenticed under my late father and now Matt Allsman is an award winning tattoo artist specializing in portraits.

-- My youngest brother has Cystic Fibrosis and recently underwent a double lung transplant and is now doing quite well.

-- I also have two teenage sisters. The older of the two is very interested in art and my youngest sister is involved in theater.

-- I currently reside in Plymouth, Minnesota.

--I'm a big fan of science fiction, fantasy, horror, superheroes!